Volume list

Volume 1

Vol.1 Chapter 7: Beast
Vol.1 Chapter 6: Go Go First Mission
Vol.1 Chapter 5: The Other New Member
Vol.1 Chapter 4: The Black Bulls
Vol.1 Chapter 3: The Road to the Wizard King
Vol.1 Chapter 2: The Magic Knights Entrance Exam
Vol.1 Chapter 1: The Boy’s Vow

Volume 2

Vol.2 Chapter 16: Mortal Combat
Vol.2 Chapter 15: Three
Vol.2 Chapter 14: Friends
Vol.2 Chapter 13: The Diamond Mage
Vol.2 Chapter 12: Reunion
Vol.2 Chapter 11: Dungeon
Vol.2 Chapter 10: What Happened One Day in the Castle Town
Vol.2 Chapter 9: The Boy’s Vow: Part 2
Vol.2 Chapter 8: Those Who Protect

Volume 3

Vol.3 Chapter 25: March of the Dead
Vol.3 Chapter 24: Capital Riot
Vol.3 Chapter 23: The Distinguished Service Ceremony
Vol.3 Chapter 22: Assembly at the Royal Capital
Vol.3 Chapter 21: Destruction and Salvation
Vol.3 Chapter 20: One Instant
Vol.3 Chapter 19: Memories of You
Vol.3 Chapter 18: Inside the Treasure Hall
Vol.3 Chapter 17: Destroyer

Volume 4

Vol.4 Chapter 34: Wounded Beasts
Vol.4 Chapter 33: Adversity
Vol.4 Chapter 32: The One Who Waits Deep in the Darkness
Vol.4 Chapter 31: The Crimson Lion King
Vol.4 Chapter 30: A New Rival
Vol.4 Chapter 29: Bad Loser
Vol.4 Chapter 28: Blackout
Vol.4 Chapter 27: We Can Get Stronger
Vol.4 Chapter 26: Wild Magic Dance

Volume 5

Vol.5 Chapter 44: Siblings
Vol.5 Chapter 43: Explosion of Malice
Vol.5 Chapter 42: Three-Leaf Sprouts
Vol.5 Chapter 41: Flash
Vol.5 Chapter 40: Pursuit over the Snow
Vol.5 Chapter 39: The Mirror Mage
Vol.5 Chapter 38: The One I’ve Set My Heart On
Vol.5 Chapter 37: Next Time We Meet
Vol.5 Chapter 36: Light
Vol.5 Chapter 35: The Strongest Guy

Volume 6

Vol.6 Chapter 53: They’re Not Yours
Vol.6 Chapter 52: The One with No Magic
Vol.6 Chapter 51: Three Eyes
Vol.6 Chapter 50: The Light of Judgement
Vol.6 Chapter 49: Sin for Sin
Vol.6 Chapter 48: Ki
Vol.6 Chapter 47: Light Magic vs. Dark Magic
Vol.6 Chapter 46: The Man Who Cuts Death
Vol.6 Chapter 45: To Help Somebody Someday

Volume 7

Vol.7 Chapter 62: Rule of the Strong
Vol.7 Chapter 61: Temple Battle Royale
Vol.7 Chapter 60: The High Priest’s Game
Vol.7 Chapter 59: The Underwater Temple
Vol.7 Chapter 58: The Water Girl Grows Up
Vol.7 Chapter 57: A Black Beach Story
Vol.7 Chapter 56: Three-Leaf Salute
Vol.7 Chapter 55: The Captains and the Peasant Boy
Vol.7 Chapter 54: The Magic Knight Captain Conference

Volume 8

Vol.8 Chapter 71: Slice Open Destiny
Vol.8 Chapter 70: Despair vs. Hope
Vol.8 Chapter 69: The Only Weapon
Vol.8 Chapter 68: Awakening
Vol.8 Chapter 67: Bonds
Vol.8 Chapter 66: True Form
Vol.8 Chapter 65: The Guy Who Doesn’t Know When to Quit
Vol.8 Chapter 64: The Pointlessly Direct Fireball and the Wild Lightning
Vol.8 Chapter 63: A Game with Lives at Stake

Volume 9

Vol.9 Chapter 80: Never Again
Vol.9 Chapter 79: Behind the Mask
Vol.9 Chapter 78: The Underdog’s Declaration
Vol.9 Chapter 77: Whoever’s Strongest Wins
Vol.9 Chapter 76: The Strongest Brigade
Vol.9 Chapter 75: The Kiten War
Vol.9 Chapter 74: Proof of Rightness
Vol.9 Chapter 73: End of the Battle, End of Despair
Vol.9 Chapter 72: Beyond Limits

Volume 10

Vol.10 Chapter 90: Students
Vol.10 Chapter 89: Defectors’ Atonement
Vol.10 Chapter 88: Devastating Thrust
Vol.10 Chapter 87: Not A Failure
Vol.10 Chapter 86: Flames of Hatred
Vol.10 Chapter 85: The Raging Bulls Charge
Vol.10 Chapter 84: Battlefield Decision
Vol.10 Chapter 83: Infiltration
Vol.10 Chapter 82: The Forest of Witches
Vol.10 Chapter 81: Because He’s Like That

Volume 11

Vol.11 Chapter 100: The Red Thread of Fate
Vol.11 Chapter 99: Family
Vol.11 Chapter 98: He’s Himself
Vol.11 Chapter 97: It’s Nothing
Vol.11 Chapter 96: Transformation
Vol.11 Chapter 95: Those Who Boost Each Other Up
Vol.11 Chapter 94: The Tables Turn
Vol.11 Chapter 93: The Promised World
Vol.11 Chapter 92: Won’t Let You Die
Vol.11 Chapter 91: Explosive Enthusiasm

Volume 12

Vol.12 Chapter 110: Saint Elmo’s Fire
Vol.12 Chapter 109: The Yultim Volcano Trail
Vol.12 Chapter 108: The Uncrowned, Undefeated Lioness
Vol.12 Chapter 107: The King of the Clover Kingdom
Vol.12 Chapter 106: We Got This Far
Vol.12 Chapter 105: Two New Stars
Vol.12 Chapter 104: The Briar Maiden’s Melancholy
Vol.12 Chapter 103: A Fun Festival Double Date
Vol.12 Chapter 102: Asta’s Day Off
Vol.12 Chapter 101: I’m Home

Volume 13

Vol.13 Chapter 120: Destiny
Vol.13 Chapter 119: More
Vol.13 Chapter 118: Mage X
Vol.13 Chapter 117: The Two Spatial Mages
Vol.13 Chapter 116: Coral Peacock’s Captain
Vol.13 Chapter 115: Worthless Trash
Vol.13 Chapter 114: The Flower of Oath
Vol.13 Chapter 113: The Crystal Destruction Battle Tournament
Vol.13 Chapter 112: The Royal Knights Selection Exam
Vol.13 Chapter 111: Onto the Bathing

Volume 14

Vol.14 Chapter 130: Burn the present into memory
Vol.14 Chapter 129: An Only Son’s Way Of Life
Vol.14 Chapter 128: The One Who Wins in the End…
Vol.14 Chapter 127: Gold and Black Sparks
Vol.14 Chapter 126: The Honor Student Younger Brother vs. the Bungling Older Brother
Vol.14 Chapter 125: It was Beautiful
Vol.14 Chapter 124: Yankee-Senpai vs. Muscle Runt
Vol.14 Chapter 123: The Commoner’s Trap
Vol.14 Chapter 122: My Way
Vol.14 Chapter 121: Crush

Volume 15

Vol.15 Chapter 140: Although You Probably Don’t Know…
Vol.15 Chapter 139: The Black Bulls’ Hideout
Vol.15 Chapter 138: The Raid
Vol.15 Chapter 137: Mereoleona vs. Liar the Faithless
Vol.15 Chapter 136: Advancing in Leaps and Bounds
Vol.15 Chapter 135: Break into the White Night’s Demon Eyes’ Hideout
Vol.15 Chapter 134: The dream
Vol.15 Chapter 133: The Royal Knights’ Formation
Vol.15 Chapter 132: Winner
Vol.15 Chapter 131: Before

Volume 16

Vol.16 Chapter 150: Collapse
Vol.16 Chapter 149: Reincarnation
Vol.16 Chapter 148: Until Now
Vol.16 Chapter 147: The End and the Beginning
Vol.16 Chapter 146: The New Future
Vol.16 Chapter 145: Julius Nova Chrono
Vol.16 Chapter 144: This Man is…
Vol.16 Chapter 143: The Magic Emperor VS. The White Night’s Demon Eyes’ Leader
Vol.16 Chapter 142: Twilight
Vol.16 Chapter 141: The Reckless Magic Fight

Volume 17

Vol.17 Chapter 160: You Probably Don’t Know
Vol.17 Chapter 159: Ill-Omened Release
Vol.17 Chapter 158: Life In The Village At The Furthest Ends.
Vol.17 Chapter 157: Destruction, or A Country’s Savior?
Vol.17 Chapter 156: Original Form, Original Power
Vol.17 Chapter 155: We Won’t Lose to You
Vol.17 Chapter 154: Golden Wind
Vol.17 Chapter 153: A Risky Way of Living
Vol.17 Chapter 152: Meddlesome Woman
Vol.17 Chapter 151: An Overwhelming Disadvantage

Volume 18

Vol.18 Chapter 172: Rebirth
Vol.18 Chapter 171: The Sleeping Lion
Vol.18 Chapter 170: The Fallen Person Comes Alive
Vol.18 Chapter 169: The Captain of the Black Bulls VS The Deep Crimson Rose
Vol.18 Chapter 168: VS People who have Sworn Loyalty to the Same Man
Vol.18 Chapter 167: The Road to Revenge and Atonement
Vol.18 Chapter 166: An Avenger’s Resurrection
Vol.18 Chapter 165: The Black Bulls’ Explosive Entry
Vol.18 Chapter 164: Let The Hooligans Run WIld
Vol.18 Chapter 163: Smiles And Tears
Vol.18 Chapter 162: Lightning of Rage V.S Friends
Vol.18 Chapter 161: Human Bonds

Volume 19

Vol.19 Chapter 183: Raging Bulls at the Clash of Titans
Vol.19 Chapter 182: The Followers of Sephirah
Vol.19 Chapter 181: Brothers of Spatial Magic
Vol.19 Chapter 180: The Sharpened Blade
Vol.19 Chapter 179: Battle of the King’s Room
Vol.19 Chapter 178: The Magic of Humans
Vol.19 Chapter 177: Dancing Princess of the Battlefield
Vol.19 Chapter 176: Siblings
Vol.19 Chapter 175: Battle of the Silva Family
Vol.19 Chapter 174: Flying In
Vol.19 Chapter 173: Final Battle at Clover Castle

Volume 20

Vol.20 Chapter 194: Spite
Vol.20 Chapter 193: The Final Challenger
Vol.20 Chapter 192: Two Bright Red Fists
Vol.20 Chapter 191: Infiltrate the Shadow Palace
Vol.20 Chapter 190: Let’s Go
Vol.20 Chapter 189: A Trustworthy Human
Vol.20 Chapter 188: My Reason for Living up till Now
Vol.20 Chapter 187: Offense and Defense Between Heaven and Earth
Vol.20 Chapter 186: The Eye in The Mirror
Vol.20 Chapter 185: The Chance Meeting of Dreams
Vol.20 Chapter 184: Dream World

Volume 21

Vol.21 Chapter 205: The Truth of 500 Years Ago
Vol.21 Chapter 204: The Desire for Demise
Vol.21 Chapter 203: Now is the Time to Break the Seal
Vol.21 Chapter 202: A Different World
Vol.21 Chapter 201: The Highest Floor of the Shadow Palace
Vol.21 Chapter 200: A World of Light
Vol.21 Chapter 199: The Strongest Natural Enemy
Vol.21 Chapter 198: The Five-Leaf Grimoire
Vol.21 Chapter 197: False Hope
Vol.21 Chapter 196: The Mastermind
Vol.21 Chapter 195: A Complete Change

Volume 22

Vol.22 Chapter 217: The Scales of Justice
Vol.22 Chapter 216: Power Balance
Vol.22 Chapter 215: Three Problems
Vol.22 Chapter 214: Sunrise
Vol.22 Chapter 213: The Great Tree of Souls
Vol.22 Chapter 212: At Fate’s End
Vol.22 Chapter 211: The Final Blow
Vol.22 Chapter 210: On The Brink
Vol.22 Chapter 209: Please
Vol.22 Chapter 208: The Sword
Vol.22 Chapter 207: The Ultimate Magic
Vol.22 Chapter 206: The Reunion that Crosses Time and Space

Volume 23

Vol.23 Chapter 228: The Dark-Tier Magic Knights
Vol.23 Chapter 227: The Omniscient Priestess
Vol.23 Chapter 226: The Spirit Guardian’s Magic
Vol.23 Chapter 225: Heart Kingdom
Vol.23 Chapter 224: You’re Cursed
Vol.23 Chapter 223: The Agrippa Family
Vol.23 Chapter 222: Just Between You and Me
Vol.23 Chapter 221: The Rose’s Confession
Vol.23 Chapter 220: Visiting
Vol.23 Chapter 219: Black As Black Can Be
Vol.23 Chapter 218: The Worst of the Worst.

Volume 24

Vol:24 Chapter 239: Budding of Yggdrasil
Vol:24 Chapter 238: Zenon’s Power
Vol:24 Chapter 237: Sheer Obstinacy
Vol:24 Chapter 236: There’s No Way We’re the Same
Vol:24 Chapter 235: Dark Disciples
Vol:24 Chapter 234: The Messenger from the Spade Kingdom
Vol:24 Chapter 233: Fate Begins to Move
Vol:24 Chapter 232: Quiet Lakes and Forest Shadows
Vol:24 Chapter 231: The Dark Triad
Vol:24 Chapter 230: I’ll Crush You
Vol:24 Chapter 229: The Beginning of Hope and Despair

Chapters Not Yet In Tankōbon Volume Format

Chapter 280 – Gathering Disaster
Chapter 279 – Door to hell
Chapter 278 – Undying Bodies
Chapter 277 – Vice captain of the Golden Dawn
Chapter 276 – Boreas
Chapter 275 – The Embodiment of Heroic Fire
Chapter 274 – Outbreak of War
Chapter 273 – The Fated Day
Chapter 272 – Hunting Ground of Darkness
Chapter 271 – Union
Chapter 270 – Two of them
Chapter 269 – The one who can’t use magic
Chapter 268 – Akuma / Devil
Chapter 267 – Ritual of Servant
Chapter 266 – A Dark Group’s Temptation
Chapter 265 – Elysia
Chapter 264 – The Best Attitude
Chapter 263 – Shadow Intel
Chapter 262 – Troubled Discussion
Chapter 261 – Shadow of the Night
Chapter 260 – Dark Out
Chapter 259 -Raging Cow’s Unison
Chapter 258 – Black Oath
Chapter 257 – Endeavor
Chapter 256 – Obligation as a Captain
Chapter 255 – Exploding Life
Chapter 254 – Difference of Power
Chapter 253 – A Tide of Blood
Chapter 252 –
Chapter 251 – The Curse Devil
Chapter 250 – Charmy VS Ha
Chapter 249 –
Chapter 248 – Luck VS Sbenking
Chapter 247 – Heart Kingdom Battleground
Chapter 246 – The Tree of Qliphoth
Chapter 245 – Dante vs. the Captain of the Black Bulls
Chapter 244 – Cinderella Grey
Chapter 243 – Devil Possessed vs Devil Possessed
Chapter 242 – Humans and Evil
Chapter 241 – Super Midair Battle
Chapter 240 – Battle Outbreaks